6.) Why Get Forklift Certified?

An independent study completed last year in the US revealed that forklift operators with a Forklift Certification earn much more than their untrained coworkers. That means you have the potential to increase your hourly rate up significantly by obtaining your Forklift Certification. Many people are interested in operating a forklift, which is a good thing, but it takes more than just ambition to operate one. For you to legally operate a forklift you must have the appropriate training to do so. If you are looking to gain experience operating a forklift, you need your forklift certification and training to get a Forklift Operator job. Here at A&A FORKLIFT SERVICES, we educate people and provide them with all the information needed to obtain their forklift certification training. We believe all individuals who operate a forklift or are seeking to do so must be trained to remain efficient and compliant with OSHA law. We have helped many individuals to get their forklift training, and we hope to help you as well.


7.)What types of equipment does the OSHA standard apply to?

3. Where can I learn how to drive a Forklift?

Right here at our facility. After you attend and pass our certification class, we will give you a “HANDS ON EXPERIENCE” in which we will go through the “SAFTEY CHECKLIST” and allow you some time to make basic maneuvers and move materials (pallets).


4.  Why can’t I just do this course on-line. Companies do this online for less money from the comfort of my home

The answer is simple. Unfortunately, you cannot complete the on-line training if you have never driven a forklift. With our certification process, not only will you get the education you need that is available online, you will also get a hands-on experience, one on one training operating an actual forklift, something those online companies can’t offer. In addition to your training, upon certification, you will gain access to thousands of jobs available in Dade, Broward & Palm Beach through our member page on our website. After all, we’re sure that having your certification without gaining employment wasn’t your objective. A & A will assist you in achieving that goal.


5.  Does this online forklift certification training meet OSHA Regulations State and Federal laws?

Yes! Our forklift certification online training is OSHA compliant and is valid for 3 years. Some companies are offering a 1 year certification and they charge less money so they can get you to come back and pay again. Why pay half the money for one year which is not even valid under OSHA regulations? Don’t make the mistake many have already made. One year certification is not valid, we give you a 3 year certification, which is required.


1. Can you obtain a forklift license without a job?

Yes you can. Forklift training and evaluation is required by OSHA, therefore any training that you complete will help you better yourself. Many companies are limiting the amount of money spent to train their future employees due to the current economy.


2. In which States is the Forklift certification training valid?

Our Forklift training and evaluation is valid throughout the USA and Canada or any other country that uses OSHA to govern the safety training.


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The Following Are Vehicles That Are Covered By The Standard:


High lift trucks

Counterbalanced trucks

Cantilevered trucks

Rider trucks

Forklift trucks

High lift platform trucks

Low lift trucks

Low lift platform trucks

Motorized hand trucks

Pallet trucks

Narrow aisle rider trucks

Straddle trucksReach rider trucks

Single side loader rider trucks

High lift order picker rider trucks

Motorized hand/rider trucks

Rough terrain truck


8.) Should my employer/future employer provide the training for me?

Yes. The responsibility of the employer is to provide a safe environment for their employees. Therefore, the employer should provide you with this training. Unfortunately, because of the condition of the economy, many companies are not providing training to their employees in order to cut expenses. Remember that your employer (or future employer) is responsible for testing your capabilities and verifying your experience operating a forklift.